måndag 5 september 2011

Google Earth - lesson 1

Lesson 1
Google Earth - the world is right by your fingertips!

To open Google Earth on your schoolcomputers you go to the START-menu on your left bottom of the screen. Scroll up to “Ämnesspecifika program” and choose “Geografi” and then you find “Google Earth 5”. It might take a minute or so to open up the programme. Sometimes Google Earth (or the entire network from Borås Stad for that matter...) does not want to cooperate with human beeings and then you might have to reeboot the programme och sometimes even the whole computer.

Get started:
First you need to get familiar with Gogole Earth so we need to learn the basic skills. There are several way to go somewhere specific in Google Earth. One way is to type the name of the place you want to go to in the top left corner. Another way to move around.is to use the mousebuttons.

How to move around in Google Earth with the mousebuttons :
To zoom in, doubleclick on your left mousebutton.
To zoom out: doubleclick on your right mousebutton.
To stop when you´re zooming in: click once on your left mousebutton.
To stop when you´re zooming out: click once on your right mousebutton.

Complete the tasks 1-3. Today you don´t have to write down your answers.

Task 1:
First you are going to start by travelling to Borås. Move around the town of Borås. Do you see any small squares that you can click on? There are pictures that people have posted. To open them you just left click on them and they will open in a window. Close the window when you´re finished.

Task 2:
Now find you way to Sandared. You could follow the highway or another road or you could just move your way around with the mouse. Zoom in to our school. Do you see the car that´s parked in front of the entrence? When is this picture taken? Why do you think it´s so old?

Task 3:
Zooma out your view so that you can see the highway that runs between Borås and Gothenburg. Follow the highway all the way to Gothenburg. Can you find Liseberg? What different rollercoasters and attracktions can you see from above? Look at some of the pictures. Are they placed correctly or do you find any pictures that are not placed where they should´nt be?

If you´re finished you can go and find a 3D-buildning. Examine how you move around it and what information you can get from using the 3D-layer. You will find 3D-buildnings in eg. New York or California.

Already finished? Then you can go completely nuts in Google Earth and go whereever you want to go! Maybe you want to look at your own house or why not pay a visit to the chinese wall?