tisdag 20 september 2011

Lesson 4 and Lesson 5

Lesson 4
Your task is to examine a country that you think is interesting. You can choose any country you like!

Use Google Earth and look at your country. Find out for example:
- What do they use the land for in your country? Maybe farming, forestry or something else?
- Do people live in cities or on the countryside? Describe how it looks!
- Are there any significant buildnings or landmarks that you can see clearly from Google Eeart?
-Based on the facts you have found, would you guess that your country is poor or rich? Motivate your answer!

Countryside - landet
Significant - viktig

Lesson 5
Use Google earth and look for traces of a natural disaster!
You could look at for example:
-Haiti (big earthquake in 2010)
- Fukushima (flooding after earthquake 2011)
- Ground Zero New York (where the World Trade Center was)

Describe what you see and try and explain what happened here and why. You can google it for facts if you want to.

If you want to look at pictures of how it used to look before the disaster you can click the clock-icon on your top menu and go back in time to older pictures.

Traces - spår
Natural disaster - naturkatastrof